What Finishing Lab Is Right For Your Business?

Reliable   Versatile   Affordable   3 year warranty

Market research  indicates that customers are looking for advanced finishing  products but with a lower overall cost of ownership.

The Exxpert and Excelon finishing systems are the next generation of Coburn’s all-inclusive, high-performance lens finishing solution. Built utilizing Modular Design so you can create over 15 possible system configurations to find the perfect balance of performance and price to fit the exact needs of your office or lab.  Patternless Lens Edgers from the leading provider in Optical Lab Equipment for 60 years.


Coburn Technologies has been manufacturing and supplying equipment for the production of ophthalmic lenses for over 60 years and continues its long-standing legacy of quality and innovation today. Coburn provides all the equipment, supplies and service needed to surface prescriptions in lens blanks, coat lenses, & machine lenses to fit patient frames. Their comprehensive selection of products is specially designed to meet the varying needs of laboratories of all sizes globally.

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